changing how interior fit-outs are delivered
in New Zealand & Australia.

What does Edge Interiors do?

Edge Interiors are a true turnkey fit-out company which provides our clients a start to finish process starting with interior design, cost management, project management, construction and even supplying furniture.

What is the value of using Edge Interiors?

At Edge we have our own inhouse designers, project managers and inhouse builders so we keep our outsourcing to other contractors to a minimum allowing us to

  • Provide quicker and more accurate costing for projects
  • Control on the overall project
  • Quick turn arounds and start date on projects
  • Savings up to 30% - 40% compared to our competitors as you are cutting out the “middle man” and going straight to the source
Why are you cheaper then most fit out companies?

Edge Interiors have reshaped our model to ensure our clients gain the benefits.  Previously other fit-out companies would engage Edge Interiors to do the fit-out works and add any where from 20% to 50% margin to the cost.  Our clients are now going directly to the source by passing the middleman and gaining the rewards.

How long does it take to do a space plan and budget?

Depending on the size of the site it will vary but the guideline would be

Small tenancy
Design 1-3 Days
Pricing 1-2 Days

Large tenancy
Design 3-5 Days
Pricing 2-3 Days

How much does it cost for a space design and budget estimate?

Edge Interiors do not charge for a space plan and budget estimate.  We offer this as a free service to our potential clients to understand the costs involved with a project as fit-outs are be potentially costly.

How soon can you start on site?

Every project is different but if the project is straight forward and does not require consent Edge Interiors could potentially start a few days after approval is granted by the client.

What are the requirements for mechanical/HVAC?

General rule is that any new room will require fresh air supply.  Heating and cooling is not a requirement but recommended.

When do you require a building consent?

The most common things to trigger a building consent would be

  • Structural works to the tenancy
  • Change to the fire escape route due to new partitions
  • New plumbing involving showers and toilets
  • A new specified system installed to a tenancy
How long does it take for a building consent and do you handle the process?

Our design team can handle all the building consent documentation and submission if required.  Council states that building consent once submitted takes 20 working days.  Unfortunately, this can take longer depending on the size of the project, the location and time of the year. 

Do you supply furniture?

Our Interior design team have strong relationships with commercial furniture suppliers in Auckland and they will work through the design process with a tenant to ensure the right furniture is selected for every project.

Need Guidance With Your Fit - out Budget?

Use our fit-out calculator to get an idea of what your interior fit-out budget will look like.